The Different Types of Tattoos

The Different Types of Tattoos

Below is an outline of some of the most common styles of tattoos.
The traditional style
This is an all-business style that was developed in the thirties and forties to accommodate tattoo artists with a limited color palette. This style is popular among busy tattoo artists such as those ones near military bases and similar installations. This style features tattoos that have strong and bold lines and colors.

Black and gray styles
Just as the name suggests, these tattoos are made only using black and gray tones. This style was common in American prisons due to the difficulty in obtaining colored ink. A number of tattoo artists adopted this style and refined it to be produced commercial outside the American prison system.

• Fine line style
This style features a series of highly detailed and delicate outlines. Most black and gray tattoos are done through this style to give them a refined look. The delicate nature of this style makes it the reserve of tattoo artists who can properly use negative space and refrain from adding too much detail to the outline.

• Tribal styles
These are usually black, bold, silhouette designs that are loosely based on ancient tattoo designs. These tattoos give a strong and beautiful look when made by a skilled artist.

• Realistic styles
These are tattoos of photographic quality. They are usually portraits or scenes of nature.

• Custom designs
These are designs that are developed by the artist just for you.

• Oriental designs
These designs usually utilize the entire body as opposed to the western styles that only tattoo random spots. This style usually includes eastern mythological figures and swirling patterns into the designs.